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Flower City Critters needs dedicated volunteers and foster homes in Rochester, NY.  Please send in your application today. We will be in touch with you regarding volunteer opportunities!

All fields must be filled out in full. Please be as specific as possible.

*Volunteers must be 18 or older.

*Fosters must be the legal apartment renter/or home owner.

Rochester, New York 14607, United States

Adoption Application

Please complete all fields in detail and submit your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Allow 72 hours for a volunteer to get in touch with you after submitting your application. *Note: all animals are adopted out as family pets. We do adopt to families with children however, animals are the responsibility of the adults of the household.

Animal Adoption Application

Flower City Critters reviews all applications submitted. 

One of our volunteers will review your form and be in touch with you.  Allow up to 3 days for application review. 

Once an adoption has been approved the adopter will be required to sign a legal adoption contract. 

You may request a copy for your records as well. 

P.O. Box 10119, Rochester, New York 14610, United States

Surrender Application

Fill out the form below if you are seeking to surrender an animal. Forms not filled out to completion will not be considered. A volunteer will be in touch with you within 72 hours. Completion of an application is NOT a guarantee of placement within the rescue. We take in animals based on priority including shelter overflow, strays, and abused/neglected animals. To help with the care of animals taken into the rescue a surrender fee may be required.

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Flower City Critters Small Animal Rescue

P.O. Box 10119, Rochester, New York 14610, United States