Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What kind of pet do you recommend for kids? I want to teach my kid responsibility,

We adopt pets as a family pet only; not a children's pets. We do not advocate for a child's pet. Pets are the responsibility of the adults of the household. Many small animals are abandoned each year as children lose interest/are unable to care for them and adults do not want to bother with them. We educate each family on adopter expectations. 

2. Can I adopt a pet and house them outdoors in a hutch or a run?

We strictly adopt pets as house pets only. While outside time while supervised may be fun; animals can suffer a variety of injuries and illness while housed outdoors.

3. What kind of cage do you recommend for a bunny? Is a hutch ok?

We require our adopters to house their rabbits in exercise pens. Store bought cages are much too small. They do not meet a rabbits minimal space requirements. Hutches are also too small and are expensive! Pens are great and an affordable option.

4. What kind of cage do you recommend for a guinea pig?


Guinea pigs must be housed in a midwest cage (2ft x 4ft) or a cage of equivalent size. Cube Grids & Coroplast cages (c&c) cages are a great and cheap way to build your guinea pig a wonderful habitat!

5. Why can't I just use the cage I have? I've used it before and it was fine.

We frequently hear this when talking to potential adopters. It is very important that each pet be housed in a space adequate for movement including running, jumping, and/or climbing. In the rescue many of us have previously used inadequate housing but we continue to learn. We hope you will too.

6. Can you deliver your animals?

We absolutely will not ship or deliver any animal ever. 

7. Why can't I use a tank to house rats?

Rats have very sensitive respiratory systems. Tanks do not provide proper ventilation that rats require.  Tanks are suitable for hamsters, mice, and gerbils only.

8. What should I use to bathe my pets?

You should not need to bathe any of your small pets. Rare circumstances we will bathe a pet coming from very unsanitary conditions, or elderly/disabled pets who cannot clean themselves. Please see care sheets for more info.

9. Why can't you just take my animals? 

We are not a shelter. We are a volunteer foster organization and prioritize animal intakes from abuse/neglect cases, medical emergencies, and shelter overflow. If you are looking to surrender your pet, you must fill out our surrender form under the applications tab. We cannot guarantee placement.

10. I need some help my pet is chewing everything and they are acting mean! Can you help me I'm at my wits end!

Yes! We are able to offer behavioral advice as well as consult with caging, set-up, and food advice.  If you have any questions at all just email us at or fill out the contact form.

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