House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society Logo.

House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rabbit rescue and educational organization.  You can find information on behavior, medical care, food, housing, and more right here.

Guinea Lynx


Guinea Lynx is a medical and care guide for guinea pigs. Ideas for housing, medical & behavior guides, and more can be found on this website.

Rat Guide

rat guide logo

Rat guide is a layman's guide to health, medication use, breeding, and responsible care of pet rats. While we do not advocate for breeding this website has a great wealth of information for your rat!

Rat Fan Club

rat fan club

Rat fan club is a website dedicated to the care of pet rats.  There is a lot of useful information on this page for rat fans. 

American Ferret Association

american ferret association logo

American Ferret Associations mission is to provide constant & up-to-date information about veterinarians, legislative activities, medical developments, research data, rescue shelters and other information of interest to ferret fanciers everywhere. 



MediRabbit is an educative and non-profit website based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an independent website, without partneship or affiliation to industry or associations, and without sponsors. Its aim is to share quality information about rabbit medicine. 

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Small Animal Resources

Small Animal Resources is a dedicated resource  for those who want the best for their small pets! Our focus is on training and behavior, but enrichment and general husbandry are also regularly featured. We will guide you using positive reinforcement training to help you accomplish whatever your goal is! 

House Rabbit Society

A group owned by House Rabbit Society  comprised of rabbit lovers from all over the world communicate in this Facebook group. A great place to ask questions and share your love of rabbits!

The Guinea Pig Party

We are a friendly community that love Guinea Pigs. This group’s goal is to provide a welcoming, friendly and happy places for all our members to share experiences about their guinea pigs, seek advice, discuss problems, and post lots of piggy photos and stories. 

It's a Rats Life

Rat fan club online of members around the world sharing their love of rats. Swap stories, photos, and ask questions.

Ferret Care & Better Support

We are an advice/support group for anyone looking to learn about ferrets! 

Chinchilla Owners Group

This group was created so that people who have chinchillas as a pet can share photos, information, facts, habits, and other interesting things about their chinchilla. So don't be shy and show some love for your chin on our page!

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